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'Interlocking Boxes' Could Make Up 101-Story Seattle Tower

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Preferred "broken up/boxy scheme" option
Preferred "broken up/boxy scheme" option

Crescent Heights Inspirational Living and LMN Architects have unveiled new looks at their potential 101-story tower at Fourth & Columbia. If it happens, it would obviously be the tallest building in Seattle as well as the tallest structure west of the Rockies and 8th-tallest building in the United States. In the meantime, it's design guidance time and they've presented three possible shapes with their preference being a rectilinear tower broken into "interlocking pieces." The indentations between "boxes" would allow for "sky gardens" all the way up. Part of the reason they're pushing the unique design is because it would stand out amongst the rest of the Seattle skyline. As for what'll be inside all those stories, plans call for two levels of retail & lobby at the base, four levels of above-grade parking, six floors of office space, six floors of hotel rooms and a recreational area on top of the podium. Design review is scheduled for November 17.

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