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Mercer Island's Renovated Symphony House Re-Lists For $2.3M

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Mercer Island's 5,760 square-foot Symphony House is so old, the island was actually known as East Seattle back when it was built in 1910. Designed by James Carr for Seattle milliner and businessman DB McMahon, it has been many things in the years since including a vicarage, pre-school, beauty salon and eventually a home once again. Several years back, the Seattle Symphony used the house for a fundraiser and when period stencils and paintings stuck around, it appears so did the name. Recently, JayMarc Homes got their hands on the historic residence and have renovated it to a new level of sophistication and modern elegance. Plenty of period touches remain (the fireplace with built-ins and other millwork stands out) but they've also added new things such as a modern kitchen, new bathrooms, renovated laundry room and a 2-car garage. Asking $2.3M, Mercer Island's most historic home now has a much better shot at finding a new owner and a new lease on life.

· 2740 West Mercer, Mercer Island [Estately]
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