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Brick Colonials on Fort Lawton's Officers Row Hit Market

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There aren't many houses in Magnolia that further west, and only the ones in Fort Lawton have as much green space around them. One of the houses on Officers Row is now on the market for $999,000 (plus $362/month). It is a brick colonial that looks like a piece of New England, but it is now a neighbor to Discovery Park with views to the Olympics that prove you're in Washington. The houses are being upgraded, so there are a lot of modern comforts included; but the structure is protected by landmark status, so the copper and tile roofing and gutters stay. As romantic as it can be, your life still has to fit in 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1,994 square feet; but for most that won't be an issue. Outside is about a half acre, though with the park and other protections, it's almost as if acreage is included. While the house looks old, it was built in 1935, which doesn't compare to other historic buildings in Seattle, for the Fort has history, the house is part of that, and its an opportunity for you to be part of it too. After all of that though, definitely check on the house details because "Photos representative." Maybe they're from the house that's listed, and maybe not.

· 4405 Montana Cir [Estately]
· Fort Lawton [OFL]
· Discovery Park [SPR]
Written by Tom Trimbath