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$3.9M Gets a Bellevue Estate With a Whole Bunch of Stuff

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If you're going to make a full price offer, be generous; go $10 over the asking price of $3,999,990 and make it a nice, round $4,000,000. It will make it easier to write out the check, at least. For ten dollars less than four million you can get a 4 bedroom, 7 bath bit of expansive new construction, a house that's expanded into 6,420 square feet on a 0.3 acre lot in downtown Bellevue. This is a bit of a deal because about a year ago it was on the market at $4,799,900. That's a price chop of about $800,000. The location is sweet; high enough to see over the neighbors and out across Meydenbauer Bay, and there's a savings because it isn't waterfront. What it is is a house meant for formalities and refined living. A gym, a sauna, and a theater help fill the space. An elevator lets you get up and down the two or three stories. One major task will be filling the wine cellar that could probably hold about a thousand bottles. The garage is cavernous, and impeccably clean. Fill it with electric cars and don't worry about smudging oil on the floor. One feature worth asking about is probably just a typo, but if it's real, you definitely have to find out what it's for: sonar. An awesome feature if the property was waterfront, probably just an autocorrect fail, but a fascinating concept that would make a house unique.

· 9426 Lake Washington Blvd NE, Bellevue [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath