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$1.8M Woodinville Estate For You, Your Cars & Your Horses

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When they describe the stables before they describe the garage(s), you're dealing with a farm, or at least a ranch. A 4 acre property in Woodinville is on the market at $1,800,000. The house is a large craftsman lodge at 6,330 square feet; but the emphasis is on the horses. The stables hold seven, and the acreage is fenced and gated so they can run and roam. The Vipers have their own space as well. There are two 4 car garages. One is a Goldilocks garage, with doors for small, medium, and large. It's along Viper Lane, which is probably where they've been storing the blue Dodge Vipers in a space decorated with a finish flag floor. At a guess, they don't stay with the estate; but maybe that's negotiable. The people get their spaces, too. There are 4 bedrooms and 4.75 baths - and lots of extra rooms both formal and pragmatic. Downstairs, the lodge style dominates the kitchen with exposed heavy beams, but the beams are hidden in the dining and sitting rooms. Upstairs is where the office and studio give work and art life places to happen. Outside, the horses aren't the only ones with places to play. There's a heated pool with a covered patio, and a gazebo over a pond (that has probably filled since they took the picture.) Horses and Vipers and ducks, oh my.

· 14630 173rd Ave NE, Woodinville [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath