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1200 Stewart St. Towers Want to Wave Hello to Seattle

Developer Westbank Projects Corp. wants to start a giant wave in Seattle. Their project 1200 Stewart St. plans to have a "continuous sculptural balcony" that will look like a wave across the north side of both 41-story towers. Meant to be visually-attractive to passers-by, there will also be trees planted across various levels of the facade. The south side will feature a more traditional facade. The project will include roughly 876 residential units and parking for 791 vehicles. Previous plans to include a hotel in the project have been scrapped but there will still be ground-floor retail space. Assuming they can get an alley vacation, Westbank plans to put a glass galleria with a winter garden inside in it's place. Westbank and Henriquez Partners Architects will take their plans before the design review board next Tuesday.

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