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Remodeled 1890 Cottage on Bainbridge Now Asks $1.08M

It certainly doesn't look like an 1890 cottage, because it is now a remodeled 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,893 square foot house. Remodeling makes a big difference. A few bits remain, like fireplace and the hardwood floors; but maybe they came later, too. Now, it is a $1,080,000 one and a half story, with box beam ceilings on the main floor, sharply sloped ceilings helping rooms squeeze into the half floor, and a pragmatic flat ceiling in the basement family room/rec room/guest room. The country style kitchen has beadboard cabinetry, a settee, and even a woodstove that could be used for heating, cooking, or both. The main living spaces could be a dressed up version of that 1890 cottage. Upstairs, the bathroom demonstrates how far modern can depart from traditional. The office is a modern necessity. And the workout space may not be modern, but it is well enough equipped for dance, yoga, martial arts, about anything that benefits from hardwood that isn't hampered by angled ceilings. Bad bounces if it was a racquetball court. Outside will be the selling point for some. There's 0.53 acres, a view of the bay, a dog run, access to a community beach, and a playhouse that may be the home of the room with the insect adorned walls. Of course, maybe that last one is some future entymologist's bedroom.

· 9376 NE Endicott St, Bainbridge Island [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath