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Get On This Historic Eastlake Houseboat For $775K

Houseboat, 97 years old, and willow tree usually don't show up in the same listing. It would be interesting to know how many houseboats have survived a hundred years in Seattle. This one was evidently built well enough to warrant a major remodel that will hopefully take it far past its centennial. And yet, it maintains the core of what houseboats were: simple, small, and cozy. It must not be too far from the shore because that willow growing near it probably isn't floating. The house is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with 832 square feet; so it isn't some grandiose architectural marvel from Sleepless in Seattle. It is, however, made newly modern with new appliances, plumbing, electrical, and insulation. They're asking $775,000; and as with most houseboats include the monthly dues ($371), and budget for an inspection because - well, it is a house, and one that has to keep floating. But please, check to see if those are curtains or drapes hanging that close to the baseboard heater. Let's keep this house afloat for another century.

· 2207 Fairview Ave E [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath