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Eitel Building Gets New Lease On Life As Hotel (Again)

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[Wikimedia/Joe Mabel]

Fingers crossed that plans for the Eitel Building will actually come to fruition this time. Located at 1501 Second Avenue, the Seattle Landmark that some have referred to as a "blight" and others an "intractable eyesore" has seen plans to turn it into a mixed-use building or hotel dashed multiple times. Now, Lake Union Partners is stepping up to the plate, purchasing the 111-year-old structure for $5.35 million with plans to make it a hotel. Their proposal calls for Columbia Hospitality (Salish Lodge & Spa, The Inn at Langley) to operate the hotel, which will also include a ground-floor restaurant and bar. Other than ground-floor businesses, the seven-story building has been mostly vacant since the 70's. Let's hope those days are finally over (but given the recent history, we won't hold our breath)...
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