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$2.45M Anacortes Estate Blends Cultures & Landscapes

The doorway tells you a lot about this house. The pillars look Greek. The finials and tile roof look Oriental. The plants look local. Why pick one culture when you can blend aspects of many? This $2,249,000 is modern because it is mixed. Some of the features are modern, but it is the blending that makes it unique. The use of rounded rocks for the fireplace, the light wood window frames, and the recessed lighting are northwest contemporary. The bathrooms (3.75) are modern with cubes in some with a big round (curtainless) window in another. Bedroom (4) cabinetry retains a Japanese feel with nods to shoji screens. The kitchen is also modern American but without lots of right angles. With 3,480 square feet, there's a lot of room for each of the rooms. Step outside and find that there's ~8 flat acres, actually 7.58 acres if the math is correct; that is being put to good use in pasture, gardens, and an orchard. There's even a barn and a greenhouse to support the effort, and they're big enough to be their own garden center and nursery. Near the house is a koi pond, fountain, elegant bridge, and seating area; in case you get the chance to sit for a while. On the road side, the entrance is gated. On the water side, Campbell Lake, there's a dock for float planes, and probably boats too. The drive to Lake Union could take about two hours, traffic permitting; but the flight could take less than an hour, pre-flight check and weather permitting. Live on an island (Fidalgo). Work in the City (Seattle). And never have to worry about the traffic reports (except the ones from the FAA.)

· 5722 Campbell Lake Road, Anacortes [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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