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Victor Steinbrueck's Alden Mason House Asks $695K

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Alden Mason was considered one of the Northwest's most prolific and unique painters. Victor Steinbrueck was an AIA Honor Award-winning architect who created the original concepts for the Space Needle and was a champion of Seattle preservation. Bring them together and you get the Montlake midcentury modern at 2545 Boyer Avenue that just hit the market asking $695K. Looking down from a ledge on the 520 Bridge and Lake Washington, the 1,400 square-foot residence retains it's midcentury roots with sparse, open rooms, big windows drinking in the views and built-in cabinet & closet space abound. The location affords you the bonus of getting serene foliage on one side and sunrise views on the other. The home not only picked up an AIA award but was also featured in McCall's Book of Modern Homes and A Treasury of Contemporary Houses. When he wasn't painting, it was said that Mason loved to spend his free time doing "wild dancing." If you buy the place, do a dance for the former owner and maybe keep on dancing for yourself and your wise investment.

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520 Toll Plaza

, Hunts Point, WA