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If You Can Move It, This Quilcene Home Could Be Yours For $5K

Image: KOMO

You know those things people say are "too good to be true." This might be one of those things if all you ready is the first part. So here it is...Washington State purchased a nine-acre property in Quilcene for $1.7M in October with the intention of preserving the land. That property includes a 3,196 sf. custom-built Pacific Northwest house that's been put up for auction. The starting bid? $5,000. What a deal, right? So here comes that catch we alluded're also going to have to haul the house away on a barge if you buy it. If you can make it happen, you won't just be getting a 2005 house but you'll also be playing a part in restoring and preserving some important land. Whatever they make on the sale of the house will benefit the restoration work being done to rebuild the stream and other habitats that used to be home to various species and could be again soon.
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