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Fit a Small Family & Big Herd on This $475K Snohomish Farm

Really, what's more important, the number of bedrooms for your family or the number of stalls for your horses? There are 5-6 stalls and 2 barns but only 3 bedrooms on this $475,000 five acre farm in Snohomish. Check your priorities, a kitchen with good cupboards, or a hay building plus multiple pastures and paddocks? The humans are the ones doing the shopping, so they'll notice the custom rambler that also has 2 bathrooms and 1,597 square feet. If you were hit by the storm and lost power, you might appreciate the heat pump, and particularly the wood stove. You might also be aware of the blessing and the curse of downed trees, firewood delivered to your property, but hopefully not as a trunk in your living room or across your driveway. There are two gates, however, so maybe you'd have a good chance of having at least one access open. Practice your chain saw safety drills.

· 21222 Meadow Lake Rd, Snohomish [Zillow]
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Written by Tom Trimbath