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Here's a 1908 Ballard Craftsman That Listed & Sold in Six Days

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It's been a while since we've heard a good bidding war story. You might have even started to wonder if that was a sign the market was cooling. Well, it's not, and here's a reminder. The 1908 Craftsman at 2806 NW 60th in Ballard hit the market on November 4 asking $1.1M. The 3,500 square-foot home looks well-preseved, offers an impressive kitchen and includes retreat-like, double lot grounds. So you had to figure it'd receive some good offers. According to owner Dick Taylor, "There was a bidding war and we got multiple offers." Six days later, the home was sold for an undisclosed price (and is currently pending). Purportedly once the home of Ballard's mayor back when that was a thing, the years haven't made this place any less desirable. And, sure, the current housing market doesn't hurt either.

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