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Block Pike Place Tourists' Views With Your $675K Condo

You know how when your parents come to Seattle, you take them to Pike Place Market, look out on Elliott Bay and wonder, "who lives in those apartments partially-blocking my view?" Well, if you've got $625K, it could be you mildly-annoying tourists looking for the perfect Instagram pic. Located in Hillclimb Court Condos, which was designed by Gordon Walker, Jim Olson & Rick Sundberg of Olson Kundig Architects, this 874 square-foot two-bedroom isn't just a nice place to live, it's also an investment. The viaduct is coming down. Pike Place Market is expanding around you. There may or may not be an elevated park nearby. This is going to be a pretty desirable location in a couple years. For right now, though, you're looking at a corner unit with city views, an open kitchen and big master suite. The view from your back patio is the back of the market so just by sitting out there and looking into their windows, it's as if you're doing some kind of performance art piece. Or, you know, just relaxing.

· 1425 Western Ave Unit 310 [Windermere]