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Say Goodbye to Seattle's Gum Wall (Until We Gum It Up Again)

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Image: Chris Hamby

Seattle's iconic Gum Wall is going away, temporarily. For the first time in 20 years, Pike Place Market will scrub away the estimated one million wads of chewed bubble gum currently stuck to the wall in Post Alley. The reason? Currently rising about eight feet high and 54 feet across, sugar in the 150 pieces of gum per brick are starting to erode the wall. Begun sometime around 1993, this is one tradition some Seattleites might welcome the removal of, but those folks will be chagrined to learn that once the walls are cleaned, everyone is more than welcome to start re-gumming it. Cleaning begins on November 10 and is expected to take a few days. In the meantime, the market is holding a Gum Wall Snap! photo contest in which the winner will have their name or message engraved on a galvanized steel Market Charm.
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