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Block 25W Mixed-User Would Complete Vulcan's SLU Vision

If you've been stuck in traffic on Mercer waiting to get on the I-5 at some point in the last two years, you've no doubt watched Vulcan's Block 31 and Block 37 mixed-use projects begin the process of getting built from the ground-up in South Lake Union. Wednesday, they'll take renderings and plans for Block 25W before the design review board to complete the trio of building blocks that will help reshape the neighborhood and local skyline. This mixed-use arm of the project will include a 242K sf. building with six-stories of commercial space topped by seven-stories of residences. They'll be 2,500 sf. of retail space as well as two levels of parking below. That matches the look and feel of the other two blocks, though it will skewed more office/commercial than the other two.

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