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$415K Judkins Park Tiny House Gets Makeover & Price Chop

When a house is 760 square feet and someone updates the kitchen and 2 bathrooms, then the majority of the house is already remodeled. The 2 bedrooms and the living room are about all that's left, except for a spot for the laundry. The remodel of this 1906 one story on a 2,236 square foot lot is dramatic enough that it would interesting to compare to the 'before' pictures. Now, they're asking $415,000; which is already a $25,000 drop from its listing price of less than month ago (which is itself $200K higher than it's sale price just two months before that). It looks fresh and fine in the photos (new appliances, paint, and cabinetry will do that), but you might want to schedule a tour to see what it looks like with your own eyes instead of the fish eye lens they used.

· 2613 S Lane St [Zillow]
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Written by Tom Trimbath