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Seattle Ranked 10th Best Place To Own A Home In U.S.

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What is it about Seattle being the 10th in the nation for things? We've been 10th on the list of highest median rents for forever and now a new study from Redfin and Porch says we're also the 10th-best city in America to buy a home. More than just about how many bedrooms and bathrooms each house has, this survey took into account quality of life factors such as safety, climate, commute times, access to education, taxes and real estate trends to determine how homeowners felt about their homes, neighborhoods and cities. The areas that Seattle ranked highest were Economic Opportunity (7th), Healthy Living (8th) and Climate (8th). Conversely, the areas we've still got worked to do include Real Estate Confidence (53rd) and Security & Safety (46th). Check out the full rundown here and go tell No. 11 Miami to shove it.
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