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South Lake Union's Cascade Apartments Have Gone to Plaid

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Last night, Holland Partner Group and Ankrom Moisan took their plans for Cascade Apartments before the design review board and according to DJC, they showed up wearing plaid. The design is something developer wants to use it as an element on the colorful facade they have planned for the residential project at 1212 and 1232 Harrison Street. Consisting of two seven-story structures, the complex would include one building with 166 units and 214 parking stalls and another with 109 units and 15 parking stalls. If they end up building it as planned, you won't be able to miss it. The facades will showcase bold red, purple and blue colors with an abstract plaid pattern to create depth and movement. The effect is meant to be "casual, youthful and classic" and blend with the nearby buildings of the neighborhood. Inside, while units are planned to be at least 1-BR or bigger, they'll be "compact" as to take advantage of current housing trends.

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