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Ballard's Nordic Heritage Museum Getting $45M Upgrade

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Right now if you want to visit the Nordic Heritage Museum, you'll find it in the old Daniel Webster Elementary School. By early 2018, you'll have to look for it's new three-story, 53,000-square-foot home at 2655 N.W. Market Street. First looks at the $45M building come courtesy of DJC and Mithun, who will be architect, landscape architect and interior designer on the project. The new space will include exhibition space for over 65,000 items (called Fjord Hall), climate control for exhibitions on display from Nordic countries, a 250-seat theater/auditorium, cafe and cultural resource center. Ballard is a neighborhood that celebrates its Scandinavian cultural roots, which coupled with 12 percent of King County's population identified as having Nordic roots, makes this museum a vital link to the ancestry of many Seattleites.

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