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$1.35M Alki Beachfront 3-BR Has Feast of Fireplaces

Look at most old homes and you can tell if they are just old, meticulously renovated, or massively remodeled. Some, like this 3,640 square foot house on the beach in West Seattle, aren't just old. have obviously been cared for, and have probably been remodeled; but done so in a way that makes it look like it's always been that way - even when it couldn't be. They're asking $1,350,000 for a 1908 three-bedroom, two-bath beach house that has beautiful glass in the windows, delicate arches between some of the rooms, and a fireplace mantel that is a work of art. It has a solid, pragmatic woodstove insert now, which is surrounded by a sculpture in river rock. Did someone have that much time in 1908 to build such a piece, and then have it survive more than a hundred years? Maybe not. Congratulations to whoever took it on and succeeded. Many things are obviously new; like the recessed lighting and the kitchen appliances; but that one tub may be original. Regardless, they've made the house a working home with enough room for an office or artist's studio. And then there is one thing that is timeless, the Sound, which has been there a lot longer the house, and will be there a long time to come. It might even rise a bit and get closer. That's just being neighborly, right?

· 5051 Beach Dr SW [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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