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Getting Outbid? Go Home-Shopping During Seahawks Games

As home prices just keep rising and inventory just keeps shrinking, Seattle homebuyers are constantly looking for strategies to give themselves a leg up in the chase for a new home. PSBJ has one for you courtesy of John L. Scott Real Estate that actually seems to have some merit...go home-shopping during Seattle Seahawks games.

The woman had thought she found the perfect home only to lose out in a multiple-offer situation. So she and her broker decided to look at a few homes on a Seahawk Sunday. At 10 a.m. she walked into a house she loved. By noon she made an offer, and it was accepted 24 hours later. To be fair, if you were going to pick a Seahawks season to skip some games in order to find a house, this is probably the year to do it. And hey, if you make a good-enough offer, maybe the seller will let you hang out and watch the rest of the game with them.
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