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$995K Seattle Shaker Brings Simple Form to Modern Era

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Simplicity, utility and fine craftsmanship were the hallmarks of the Shakers. Their homes were void of ornate designs and fancy details. Everything down to the doors, windows and chimneys were made to be clean and basic. There's nothing unnecessary in a Shaker home. The designers of this new Gatewood construction took all of that to heart but also brought it forward to 2015 when they built the 4-BR at 7330 36th Ave SW that recently listed for $995K. The pentagonal main structure is right out of the Shaker rule book but they've given it some fresh perspective with the living room off to the side that leads outdoors and shares a two-side fireplace with the backyard. Inside, walnut hardwood floors tie together the open spaces while simple features help designate rooms without cluttering things. Upstairs there's four bedrooms and two baths. Outside on the 9,182 sf. lot you'll find a detached two-car garage and manicured grounds. It's still the simple life the Shakers desired, just elevated.

· 7330 36th Ave SW [Windermere]