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Seattleites Like Going It Alone But Empty Nesters Gaining

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Image: Tony Webster

For years, Seattle has been ahead of the national curve when it comes to individuals living by themselves. Per The FYI Guy, more than 121,000 Seattleites go it alone. Now, a desire for privacy and changing economic situations is driving that number up all across the country. While it's still the number one living situation in Seattle, there's another group gaining ground: married couples with no children under 18. There are 68,000 households like that in the city right now, up 23 percent from 2010. A return to city culture from the suburbs is drawing that number up but so it the rising number of young married people putting off children. Ultimately, it all depends on which neighborhood you head to. In Capitol Hill, you'll find 13 individual households for every empty-nester situation. However one out of every five census tracts has that situation flipped.
· FYI Guy: Are you living alone? You're not alone [FYI]