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Get the Skinny on This Slim $299K Northlake Houseboat

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Take 720 square feet. Split it into a first and second floor. Only include one bedroom and one bathroom. What you get is a tiny house that can be long, narrow, and fit on a steel hull. There's a houseboat for sale at $299,000 (plus $372/month fees). It was $48,000 higher, but the price has been chopped. It looks fine, with a four burner stove and a double sink. The interior is balanced between wood trim and paneling beside playfully painted walls. To save space, or just to be more nautical, the access to the second floor is by a ladder instead of stairs. Dropping the laundry down is easy, but carrying it back up may be a juggling act. The exterior is classically painted grey with white trim and what looks like a hammered copper door. The location is key. It sits at the end of the dock, beside Gas Works Park with the Burke-Gilman Trail behind it and the Seattle skyline to the south of it. It's been on and off the market several times, and now is being sold 'As-Is'. It's still floating, so it has that going for it; but maybe something else has kept it from selling. A good reason to get a good inspection. Or, maybe it is just waiting for the right buyer.

· 2143 N Northlake Wy 30 [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Gas Works Park

2101 N Northlake Way , Seattle, WA