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Check Out Angela Merkel's Official Home, 10 Times the Size of the White House

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was just named the Time Person of the Year, a nod to her role as the de facto head of the European Union and the leadership she showcased during a string of crises this year, from working to resolve the Greek debt, attempting to manage a massive influx of refugees, and battling terrorism. As one of the world's more powerful government leaders, Merkel wields influence across the continent, so it's not surprising her official home reflects a certain pomp and circumstance. Those who view the White House or 10 Downing Street as impressive symbols of national power should check out the 130,000-square-foot German Chancellery, or Bundeskanzleramt, which contains an official apartment for the Chancellor on the top floor. Ten times the size of the White House, the current building opened in 2001.

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