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New Hugo House Mixed-Use Project Looks For Approval

Plans for a six-story complex that will contain the new & improved Hugo House, 80-100 residential units and another small retail space came before the design review board for guidance in June. Now developer Meriwether Partners and architect Weinstein A+U are back before the board on Wednesday hoping for final recommendation and approval. Final plans call for 80 market-rate apartments, below-grade parking for 94 cars, approx. 10,000 square feet for Hugo House, approx. 1,500 square feet for "residential amenity and leasing" and approx. 1,500 square feet of commercial space. Per CHS, the new Hugo House center will be home to six classrooms, offices, two performance spaces and space for writers. Of course, before all of this can be built, the old Hugo House will be demolished. After failing to win a landmark nomination, the 1903 building that spent time as a theater and mortuary before becoming the writers' hub will say goodbye some time in 2016 with the new structure rising in 2017.

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