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The Point of This $2.85M Alki Point 4-BR is the View

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Alki is a beach, but it is also pointy. For $2,850,000 you can buy a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath three story that gets as close to Alki Point as it can without hurting itself. It was built in 1949, and some of that era appears to persist; either that or some new wallpapers are going retro to an extreme. The greatest luxury from then and now persists: the view. There's the house, then an immense concrete patio, and then the waves. That pavement probably gets wet frequently. At least you don't have to travel to enjoy watching the storms. The 77 feet of Puget Sound shoreline that is yours is a seawall, some sea battered steps, and the beach when the tide is out. There is more, of course. The 7,870 square foot lot also has room for a greenhouse and a garden, and a "boat house", too. The listing puts the boat house in quotes, so check to see if they're hedging on the boat part or the house part. Even a place to store your kayaks can be handy, whatever they call it. It was listed much higher ($3,199,950) less than three months ago, so you've already saved a few hundred thousand simply by waiting. Ah, but with price drops like that, will you be able to wait much longer?

· 3129 Alki Ave SW [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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