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Just Built, Normandy Park House Hits 400+ Days on Market

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"Long Game" and "Just Built" are a bit contradictory; but this Just Built house has been on the market since it was listed in 2014. It is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath Northwest Contemporary with an asking price of $1,049,000. The price hasn't changed in over a year, so maybe they think it is worth more now that it is done, or any slow aging is offset by a rising market, or they picked a price and haven't checked back. In the meantime, the 4,478 square foot contemporary is slowly becoming less contemporary; but not so much that most folks would notice. As long as they're maintaining the 10,115 square foot lot, and chasing out any errant spiders that sneak indoors, it will continue to look Just Built while it waits for someone to Just Move In.

· 618 SW 185th St, Normandy Park [Redfin]
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Written by Tom Trimbath