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Get To Gardening This $3.4M French Country Farmhouse Estate

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Maybe it is possible for one person, or one couple to tend gardens so pristine, formal, and regimented; but maintaining sanity may require maintaining a gardening staff. This French Country Farmhouse is 5,900 square feet; which may be more appropriate for someone named Louis or Marie, than for a peasant growing some grapes. The house sits on 1.38 waterfront acres in Des Moines. Location may explain much of the $3,388,000 price. Luxury explains a lot of it, too. The wine cellar isn't just a cellar but a wine tasting room; and then there's a wine counter to complete the wine experience. The wine counter is accompanied by a pie counter and a cheese island. Food plays a big role, evidently; and the house has a kitchen to match. If it was all about the dirt and the food there'd be a lot more pragmatism to the rest of the house; but the rest is expressions of luxury and formality. Chandeliers and ornate fireplace mantels are the counterpoint to the earthier parts of the residence. It was built in 1937, but major modern touches are now included, like the 12 seat, luxury upholstered theater. The house only has 3 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, so if a dozen are watching the movie you're probably entertaining them with more than a movie and popcorn. How about some pie, cheese, wine, and maybe something from the garden? But, no cake. Don't let them eat cake. That's why there's that pie counter. So why hasn't such a jewel sold in over a year? Maybe someone's still trying to find enough folks to tend that garden.

· 23235 Marine View Dr S, Des Moines [Redfin]
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Written by Tom Trimbath