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Mercer Island Home Once Owned by Mike Holmgren Asks $4M

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Believe it or not, there was a time in Seattle Seahawks history before Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson and it wasn't all that shabby. Mike Holmgren was hired as the GM and head coach of the Seahawks in 1999 and before he left he ended up taking the team to it's first Super Bowl (we won't talk about how it ended). When he arrived in town, he zeroed in on Mercer Island and live there until he left the organization in 2008. The waterfront 5-BR he called home is now back on the market asking just a hair under $4M. As you might imagine given his profession, the house comes with a lot of luxury features (96-foot waterfront, yachtsman dock, boat & jetski lifts, cabana, sauna, saltwater spa, SONOS sound system). It also comes with a detached, two-bedroom guesthouse, which will come in handy because, let's face it, people are going to want to visit you here. It's the quintessential luxury Mercer Island living experience. If you're a Seahawks fanatic and you've got money to spare after buying season tickets, maybe this is the next addition to your memorabilia collection.

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