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Greenwater Ski Chalet Makes For a Nice Getaway at $445K

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Skiers can appreciate this. This ski chalet near the entrance to Crystal Mountain has a gear garage. Whatever you drove to get you there has to live outside. The skis, however, get their own covered parking space. You've got to pick your priorities. Like with most ski lodgings, the stats get interpreted differently. It may only have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths with 1,556 square feet, but they claim it will sleep 10 in style - and hopefully comfort. Skiers may not care about the comfort because they may just fall asleep after a day on the slopes, and some beer and pizza. The asking price is $445,000, and has a $60/month fee tacked on because it is a nicely done semi-A-frame in a community with a clubhouse, corrals, and a play area. Some of those things are probably for the rest of the year, or when the ski season is washed out. The cabin has some fun and interesting outdoor features, too. Someone was creative enough to turn an old ski chair into a swing set. The idea of putting the firepit in front of it, though, is either a new way to warm your feet or an incentive to swing safely.

· 62202 Meadow Wy E, Greenwater [Estately]
· Crystal Mountain [CMR]
· All Cabin Fever coverage [CS]
Written by Tom Trimbath