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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (1) Ballard vs. (9) Georgetown

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues today (get caught up on 1st round results here). This week we're down to the Elite Eight. Each day we'll put two match-ups to a vote, with results reviewed on Wednesday. Polls are open for 24 hours, starting now!

Image: Michael Allen Smith

Ballard always seems to perform well in the Cup, finishing in 2nd place in 2011 and 2013 while winning the whole thing in 2012. Last year they got upset in the first round as the No. 1 seed so let's see if they can come back from that. There's a good reason Ballardites usually come through for their neighborhood. This Northwest Seattle enclave might have become condo central but it's still got a lot of that old-world charm thanks to it's Scandanavian roots and a slew of great restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It's also the only neighborhood we've ever felt the need to map out by brewery. Developers keep building here to try to keep up with all the demand but they can't.

Image: SMA

Georgetown came so close last year but it got topped in the final. This year the South Seattle 'hood is back. It was its own city for a while, one of the last neighborhoods to incorporate into Seattle, so it has its own character and sense of being. It is a classic case of a place remaking itself from industrial to urban to entrepreneurial. They say that Georgetown is the neighborhood that Fremont wishes it was and they're probably right. Full of artists and featuring eclectic events throughout the year, it's where quirk lives in around here. It's also a damn friendly place on Halloween.

Poll results

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