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This Yelm Tiny House on Lake Lawrence Lists For $189K

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Fifty foot of waterfront. That's nice. Only $189,000. That's a lot less than houses in Seattle. How does this happen? By being southeast of Olympia on Lake Lawrence, and being a tiny 1 bedroom, 1 bath house that has 408 square feet. The commute to Seattle is an hour and a half without traffic, but not everyone commutes to Seattle. Olympia and Tacoma are both less than an hour away. The 1950 aspects of the house haven't been remodeled out of recognition. It remains a basic, though probably well-maintained house that was built for location and relaxation rather than style. With an 11,007 square foot lot on the shore of a lake and little or no mortgage you get the chance to relax and spread out a little. Maybe grow a garden. Maybe do some fishing (no catching required.) Maybe modernize the place a bit. If nothing else, get a lamp shade for that lamp, and figure out why that closet has such a big window.

· 16608 Pleasant Beach Dr SE, Yelm [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath