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$325K Eastlake Floating Home Eco-Friendly & Economical

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Pick your version of "eco", either ecological or economic. There are probably floating house advocates that would defend either or both reasons to live on the water. Of course, maybe you want to find a house with 2 bedrooms, 0.75 baths, and 860 square feet for $325,000. It's a houseboat, so add in the $550 monthly payments for the slip. Just like other houses, houseboat designs change, and this is another incarnation of that ever-evolving design. It takes some lessons from tiny houses, which took lessons from live-aboards; so, there's a cycle at work here (and room to store one or two, too.) The wall bed is a space saver from tiny apartments. The angled sink tries to make best use of corner space. The stairs work their way up to a loft and create support and structure for storage. The kitchen appliances look to be full-size, so they skipped the concessions there, and made it easier to upgrade without having to find odd-sized replacements. Some of the best luxuries are living on the water, and having an unobstructed view because it is at the end of the dock. There aren't many houseboats in Seattle, and there are far fewer that can see past their neighbors. That's worth a lot.

· 2000 Westlake Ave N [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath