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Wallingford Development Fears Lead To Bear Family Tragedy

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Image: Wallyhood

Coming soon at 1601 N 45th Street in Wallingford will be a mixed-use complex featuring 38 apartment units, 3 townhouse units, 4,500 sq ft of commercial space and two parking stalls. It's a big change for the residential neighborhood and one of many new projects remaking the main drag of 45th Street. That's something that's not going to sit well with everyone and, unfortunately, it looks as though some locals have decided to opt out of not only the development plans but also everything else. The teddy bear family found hanging from the railing of a vacant home on Woodlawn Avenue just around the corner from 45th have yet to be identified. Our thoughts go out to the surviving bears, which may or may not include that one actually on the railing.
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