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From Seahawk Homes to Earthquakes, The Top Stories of 2015

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the most deserving people, places and things in the real estate, architecture and neighborhood universes of New York City! Yep, it's time for the Annual Curbed Awards! Up now: the year's most popular stories.

What did Curbed Seattle's readers love in 2015? If the biggest stories of the year are anything to go by, then the Seahawks, tiny homes, and concerns about The Big One. Here now, the 10 most read stories of 2015.

↑ 10. Once Asking $1.4M, Sedro Woolley Castle Sells For $782K
Look, if you're trying to sell a castle anywhere in America, people are going to notice. This 2,972-square-foot "castle" in Sedro Woolley kingdom didn't take a king's ransom to get it. First listed in March 2013 for almost $1.4 million, the property finally sold in July for $782K

↑ 9. Fifty Shades of Grey's Seattle Locations, Seductively Mapped
Many Seattleites aren't too thrilled to be ground zero for Fifty Shades of Grey fandom but that didn't stop Fifty Shades fans flocking to Escala, the site of Christian Grey's penthouse, or the Fairmont Olympic, where he and Anastasia Steele spend an evening together in the Cascade Suite.

↑ 8. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Buys $6.7M Bellevue Mansion
Russell Wilson is the most popular athlete in Seattle right now so when he buys a new house, it's news. The Super Bowl winner purchased a seven-bedroom, 10,700-square-foot mansion in the Meydenbauer Bay area of Bellevue for $6.7 million in September. That's what you do after signing an $87.5 million contract.

↑ 7. This Week in Strange, Weird & Terrible Seattle Real Estate Listing Photos
We do a Listing Photo Fails post every Friday but there was something about this one that really stuck with people. Maybe it was the curious wall art. Maybe it was that Game of Thrones garage. Maybe it was the oversized chairs in that condo. Maybe it was all of them.

↑ 6. Did The New Yorker's Earthquake Article Scare the Crap Out of You or What?
In July, The New Yorker released a story about the impending earthquake that will (eventually) happen in the Pacific Northwest. The gist? Not good. Not good at all. It sent everyone around Seattle into a panic and sparked concerns this could happen at any minute. We'll, we're still here. So that's a good sign.

↑ 5. Updated Map of Seattle-Area Recreational Marijuana Stores
To celebrate 4/20, we updated our map of legal marijuana retailers in the Seattle area. Lord knows that map is already way outdated as more pot shops open up all around the state. We'll just have to get around to making a new one.

↑ 4. Where To Watch Seattle-Area July 4th Fireworks, 2015 Edition
As it does every year, our post on fireworks locations always ends up high on this list. Heat and drought conditions were not enough to keep Western Washingtonians from enjoying the bright lights in the sky.

↑ 3. Come On Get Happy in Danny Bonaduce's Queen Anne Home
Looking around the workout/spare room in this Queen Anne 3-BR, you'd have to assume the owner is a huge Danny Bonaduce fan. There's a Partridge Family board game, Danny Bonaduce posters, Danny Bonaduce records, Danny Bonaduce signs and even a photo of Danny Bonaduce. And that's when it dawns on you...this is Danny Bonaduce's house! It actually ended up selling for $785K in July.

↑ 2. Take Your Seahawks Pre-Game Experience to 'Hawks Island'
When American Express unveiled plans for a 200-foot barge at Pier 66 for pre-game festivities before a Seahawks game, fans flocked. Literally. The whole thing sold out in a day. Considering it included a meet & greet with Hawks legend Shaun Alexander, a musical performance and free shuttle service to CenturyLink Field for the game, that was understandable.

↑ 1. Former Seahawks WR Percy Harvin Loses Big In Bellevue Sale
We're not sure if this story took off just because it's related to the Seattle Seahawks or if it was a case of some serious schadenfreude over the former Seattle receiver who burned bridges out of town and then took a bath on his Bellevue home sale on the way out.