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The Trains Keep Rolling On This $3.1M Two-Home Property

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Either someone really enjoys model trains, or that's some extensive staging for the holidays. Some houses have wine rooms. This one has a train room. Even at a glance, this property hits extremes" $3,095,000, 8,720 square foot, 7 bedrooms, 4.75 baths - and read it again, because they are selling two luxury homes so those numbers reflect the combined property. Two houses for the couple that really wants to separate the snorer from the sleeper? Two houses so each generation gets its own space? Two houses because guest houses should be just as nice as the main house? Only one has a train room, though that could be changed. One has an elevator. One has a master bath with enough tiered marble that there's probably a sound track that plays as you ascend to the tub. These houses are two expressions of luxury accommodations, maybe just to suit two moods, maybe to keep people from being confused about which house they are in. Both houses share the 120 foot high-bank waterfront and the views to Vashon and beyond. Both share access to the beach, and for those days when you want to practice, there's a two pin putting green. Whether it is the price, the packaging, or the need to find a buyer who needs two homes, something has kept this listing from selling because it has been on the market for over a year and a half. It couldn't be the train set, could it?

· 1254 & 1266 SW 296th St, Federal Way [Estately]
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Written by Tom Trimbath