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Here Are The Most Popular Airbnb Rentals in Seattle

Rental companies like Airbnb are a hot-button issue for cities like Seattle these days. As the city deals with an affordable housing crisis and buyers snatch up apartments to act as short-term rentals, some wonder where the tipping point lies between the two. One thing you can't argue with is the popularity of the service. Per Airdna, there are approximately 3,104 active Airbnb rentals in the Seattle-area and all signs point to that number rising. They also pointed out the top ten Airbnb rentals in the city according to number of reviews. Here they are for your consideration, either to let visitors know or for your own staycation.

10. 1BR Cozy Apartment in Capitol Hill ($79/night, 278 reviews)

↑ 9. U District Backyard Cottage & Loft ($86/night, 287 reviews)

↑ 8. Central Guest Room, Stunning View ($89/night, 289 reviews)

↑ 7. Cozy Studio, min. to downtown ($48/night, 296 reviews)

↑ 6. Guest Studio - North Capitol Hill ($89/night, 310 reviews)

↑ 5. Charming Apt, VERY Central Location ($99/night, 316 reviews)

↑ 4. Capitol Hill Suite + Free Parking ($65/night, 352 reviews)

↑ 3. Beautiful, Quiet, Friendly Ballard ($75/night, 403 reviews)

↑ 2. contemporary art loft downtown #2 ($89/month, 460 reviews)

↑ 1. contemporary art loft downtown ($89/month, 471 reviews)