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Curbed Cup Final 4: (9) Georgetown vs. (13) South Lake Union

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The Curbed Cup, Curbed Seattle annual Neighborhood of the Year tournament, continues today (get caught up on 1st round results here). This week we're down to the Final Four. We'll put the remaining two match-ups to a vote and then find out who'll play for the championship on Wednesday. Polls are open for 24 hours, starting now!

Image: Joe Mabel

Georgetown came so close last year but it got topped in the final. This year the South Seattle 'hood is back. It was its own city for a while, one of the last neighborhoods to incorporate into Seattle, so it has its own character and sense of being. It is a classic case of a place remaking itself from industrial to urban to entrepreneurial. They say that Georgetown is the neighborhood that Fremont wishes it was and they're probably right. Full of artists and featuring eclectic events throughout the year, it's where quirk lives in around here. It's also a damn friendly place on Halloween.

Image: Adbar

South Lake Union made a nice run last year to the Final Four before losing out to Georgetown. Another year older, SLU is also another year bigger and fuller of thriving tech companies and the people who work for them. You may consider it The Neighborhood that Paul Allen and Amazon Built but you gotta admit they've done a helluva job with the place. It's home to some of the city's newest and most intriguing buildings and there's lots more on the way. Restaurants and retail have moved in as well making sure people stick around once the workday is over. If you need a break from all the development, stroll on over to MOHAI and the lake for a quick escape. Ten years from now, will anyone believe that SLU used to be the place where we kept our warehouses?

Poll results

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