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How Much of a Natural-Disaster Danger Zone is Your 'Hood?

Ever since that New Yorker article over the summer about how Seattle was about to fall off into the ocean, locals have upped their interest in making sure we're all prepared if and when disaster strikes. Seattle's Office of Emergency Management has just created a new online tool that should help in that process, or at least scare you enough into action if that hasn't happened yet. Seattle Natural Hazard Explorer identifies 18 hazards that pose the greatest risk to the city and lets you see how each part of Seattle might be affected if, say, earthquakes, tsunamis or landslides happen. The biggest takeaway seems to be that the further away you are from any large body of water, the better off you are (hooray to you, Haller Lake). At this point we're sure you're zooming directly into your neighrhood to see what hazards await, but don't let any potential threats shock you into paralysis. As Seattlish notes, "untangle yourself from the fetal position and get an emergency kit together. Just because we're all going to die doesn't mean we need to die thirsty."
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