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Get Angular In This Sammamish Modern Asking $1.25M

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An angular house amidst the fractal greenery. That's what you can get for $1,250,000 by Beaver Lake. The angular house is a modern design for three stacked stories of 4 bedrooms, 3.25 baths, and 3,300 square feet. Is it time for a new pronoun? Two of the bedrooms are "masters", which sounds good, but if it is truly modern, maybe the suites needs modern names. The rest of the rooms are recognizably named, and recognizably modern. Not a curve in the place. Even the range hood is rectilinear. Square fireplaces. Square tub and shower. The other angles are in the roof and ceiling because the rain has to go somewhere. If you want something softer, go outside and enjoy the acre of forest and the view down to the lake. The land, and the landscaping is much organic, just as the trees always have been. Get your urban inside and your rural outside. Nice to get both. Wipe your feet before you walk in, though. Nature can be messy.

· 1306 E Beaver Lake Dr SE, Sammamish [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath