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What $1,200/Month Rents You in Seattle Right Now

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. This week we look at what you can rent in the $1,200/month range and we stuck to 1-BRs. You tell us which place you'd choose.

Let's begin in Northgate where Luxe at Meridian has a 551 square-foot 1-BR for $1,230/month. The location is ideal for commuters and the units themselves are actually pretty nice, especially for the price. The view from the patio isn't great but, hey, you can't get everything you want.

Next up is a 600 square-foot 1-BR apartment at View at Bitter Lake Apartments (in Bitter Lake, of course) for $1,225/month. It takes you a little bit more north but units look cozy and come with fully-equipped kitchens, sizable closet space, wood-burning fireplaces and private patios.

Now let's head over to Ravenna where you can get a 590 square-foot 1-BR for $1,200/month at Varsity Apartments. The kitchen is the big draw here. They're full kitchens with granite countertops and maple cabinetry. Other features include washer/dryer, private decks and a tile entry.

Now let's head down to Rainier Valley where you can get a spacious 1,040 square-foot basement apartment for $1,200/month. Sure you're subterranean but you get way more room than most places at this price, but you get a full-furnished place that comes with a claw foot tub, California King bed and multiple rooms to spread out in. The kitchen might be tiny but it sure is cute.

Finally we end up in West Queen Anne at The Raleigh House Apartments where you can get a 595 square-foot 1-BR for $1,200/month. At first glance you might not think much of the place from the exterior. Inside, though, they've clearly made some renovations, adding deep brown pergo floors and newly-painted kitchen cabinets. The unit also has lots of closet space, a walk-in shower with a glass door and a mini-dishwasher.

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