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A Naturally Industrial Modern in East Admiral Asks $800K

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Industrial Modern sounds like a sci-fi house with robots in control. Wood softens that image in this 4 bedroom, 2.75 bath, 2,072 square foot house by the West Seattle Bridge. The smart use of wood in the staircase, balcony, and cabinetry give it more an industrial loft feel; like an old warehouse renovated for modern times (though it was built new in 2002). The use of steel, high-tech lighting, and a metallic ceiling in the kitchen definitely make it apparent that it was built in this century. Take a look at the exterior and there's no doubt about the industrial influence. That fits with being so close to some of Seattle's few industries; but even outside they've managed to surround the house with foliage, and installed a koi pond for a very un-industrial place to relax. The price is $800,000, but that also includes a downstairs aparment which may be one of the most modern features of today's Seattle homes. Someone has to help pay the mortgage. Thank your renter.

· 3121 SW Spokane St [Redfin]
Written by Tom Trimbath