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Kirkland's 'Hawkhouse' About To Get It's TV Close-Up

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Last year we learned that the best holiday light house show is Seattle is located in...Kirkland. Anthony Mish's house gained notoriety for it's 175,000 light-display that paid homage to the Seahawks, Mariners, Huskies and Sonics. So much so that he was invited to take part in ABC's upcoming reality TV show "The Great Christmas Light Fight," which airs Dec. 21. The late nights and noise that came with that apparently bothered his neighbors and others so much so that the city of Kirkland has asked him to find a new place for the "Hawkhouse" next year. In the meantime Mish made some changes, which included limiting the music volume and bass levels. If you still want to see the house in person before it's on television, you can find it here. Just be prepared for traffic.

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