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InHaus Cancels Condo Contracts for Ballard's Solo Lofts

InHaus Development swept into Ballard a few years back with big condo plans in the burgeoning market. They started pre-sales on initial project Solo Lofts back in January 2014, found themselves at 60 percent sold by October and 85 percent sold as they neared completion. Just as they were getting ready to open the doors, however, they cancelled all of the pre-sale contracts and returned deposits including interest earned. Urbnlivn spoke with InHaus, who responded by explaining that "due to extended & continuing delays by the project's contractor and a mounting dispute over the responsibility for the delays we are unable to establish a timeline for final acceptance of the building." InHaus's other Ballard project, Salt Condos, faced a similar decision when it switched gears and became Salt Apartments. However, it looks like that project may be in limbo as well.
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