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1930 Washington Park Home With Pretty Parlor Asks $1.4M

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You figure that back in 1930, a stately Seattle home would need a room to entertain guests and provide sanctuary for relaxation as well as eating dinner. I mean, what else were you gonna do? It's 1930, they didn't have Candy Crush yet. It's great to see such a parlor room/dining room still in great condition like the one inside the 2-BR, 3,190 square-foot home at 548 Lake Washington Blvd E that just hit the market asking $1.445M. Well-manicured features throughout, including the vaulted ceilings, brick fireplace and door/window frames. The big kitchen is part of the throwback mentality of the home as well, even if everything has been modernized. Amongst the three floors (plus lower level) you'll also find the master suite, which boasts a private balcony overlooking the garden and stream outside.