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Vassos Demetriou Does Magnolia, $4.25M For New 5-BR

Among the people that know, Vassos Demetriou is a recognizable name for custom buildings. For the rest of us, just think in terms of Magnolia, $4,250,000, 7,130 square feet inside, 13,640 square feet outside - on a lot that is 125 feet of waterfront, and up high enough to look down on Shilshole Marina in the north (maybe just in case you want to keep watch over your yacht.) It is a 5 bedroom, 5 bath custom house with high ceilings, tall windows, and all the expected luxury touches. (The price and the provenance suggest the luxuries, but there aren't enough photos for specifics. Maybe that makes it time for a tour.) It also has a massive inlaid driveway, with a bulls-eye feature that looks like an opportunity to practice doughnuts in front of your house. There's also an amazing mesh of piping that is probably the radiant heating system - or an homage to Brazil, the movie. Just be glad that understanding the tangle isn't a requirement for buying the house.

· 5659 42nd Ave W [Estately]
· Shilshole Bay Marina [PS]
· Vassos Demetriou [DA]
Written by Tom Trimbath