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Could You Pass Uber's Seattle Driver Knowledge Test?

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Next Monday, the Seattle City Council is expected to vote on a bill that would allow the city's for-hire drivers (Taxis, Uber, Lyft, et al.) to unionize. Right now Seattle has 14,000 registered drivers-for-hire waiting to find out. Many of those drivers work for Uber and if you've taken a ride with one of them, you know that you're at the mercy of the GPS-enabled navigation on their smartphone and their own actual understanding of the city. That second one is actually a regulation that Seattle passed last year, requiring transportation companies to test their drivers on "knowledge of the geography of Seattle, King County and surrounding areas, and knowledge of local public and tourist destinations and attractions." GeekWire got their hands on the 12 questions that Uber asks it's drivers in order to assess their knowledge of the city and, to be honest, they're a pretty good primer for anyone who calls Seattle home. I mean, if someone asked you to point to a map and show them exactly where White Center, Columbia City and Microsoft's campus where without any markers, could you? Let's find out.

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